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Welcome to! We understand our unique way of finding your perfect pornstar can be a bit tricky at first. On this page, we explain all filters currently (August 18, 2015) in use on our website.


Ethnicity This filter enables you to filter pornstars based on their ethnicity. only uses the following six ethnicities: asian, black, latin, caucasian, indian, and middle eastern. Lastly, pornstars of mixed ancestry are categorized in only one of the aforementioned six groups.

Age When filtering pornstars by age, you can select the following variables: teens (18 23 years old), 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50+. Recommendation: if you're searching for MILF porn actresses, select both 30s and 40s!

Nationality This filter is developed for those looking for pornstars from a specific country. Please note some countries are not listed. This means our database does not contain pornstars born in these countries.

Body measurements

Ass size Using a mathematical formula, we have divided pornstars in those who have: small, medium, and bazooka sized asses. Please note this formula is not bulletproof, and some pornstars may have been put in the wrong group. When spotting such a case, please improve our database by manually updating the pornstar profile.

Boob size Of course, our visitors can filters pornstars by cup size. Our filters differentiate the following cup sizes: A, B, C, D-DD, F-FF, and Melons. Melons are all cup sizes that exceed size FF.

Weight Based on the body-mass index (BMI), porn stars in our database are divided in those who are: skinny, average, chubby, and BBW.

Height Based on the statistics in relation to the height of women in the USA, porn stars in our database are differentiated in those who are short (- 162 cm), average (163-171 cm), and tall (172+ cm). Please note average sized Asian women may be categorized as short, whereas average sized European women may be categorized as tall.

Hair color You can search for pornstars by the color of their hair. The colors you can choose from are: black, blonde, brunette, and red. Please note pornstars often dye their hair throughout their careers. Nonetheless, all pornstars are categorized solely by their natural hair color.

Eye color Porn actresses can be found by filtering the color of their eyes. You can select the colors blue, brown (which also includes hazel), and green.

body modifications

Tattoos Do you have a fetish for porn stars with tattoos? If so, select yes. Rather enjoy sex videos without getting distracted by tattoos? If so, select no.

Piercings Think pornstars with piercings are kinky? Select yes, and we'll guarantee your perfect porn star! In the case you absolutely don't like piercings, select no!